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The word, lets us know that God is love, and that love covers a multitude of sins. God made the ultimate sacrifice, when he gave his only begotten son, to bare the sins of the whole world. We in turn have become lovers of ourselves, and have forgotten the price that was paid, for our freedom from sin. Some of us have even fooled ourselves into thinking, that we can love God, and not love our neighbors, that is so far from the truth. God loved us in spite of our ways, we have to put aside malice and hate, and replace it with the love of God. True love that the world so desperately needs.


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When it comes to patience, do we really have patience? Is it something that we acquire over time? Are we born with patience? The Bible says patience is a virtue, as humans we want things overnight, we have grown into a microwave society. If  we are patient it will bring about change in our lives, we must learn to be thankful no matter what our current state may be.  The Bible tells us, in all things give thanks, even when we are going through, dry places in our lives.

Our patience is a big part of our Christian  journey, we have to wait upon the Lord, for whatever it is that he has for us. Faith is the driving force of our relationship with Christ, it’s believing and knowing something is there, when you can’t see, nor touch it. We certainly can’t rush God, because God moves when he gets ready. Be patient watch and pray, and God will surely move on your behalf, just know that God never sleeps nor slumbers. Be encouraged, my sisters and brothers.