Life happens, what do you do, when life happens. No one is exempt from the happenings of everyday life. What is it, that we learn from our life experiences, does it make us stronger, or do we cave under the pressures of everyday life.

Life has its good days, and some days we care not to discuss, God lets us know in his  word ,that  this journey called life would not always be easy. Our trails come to make us strong, in all things, God instructs us to give him thanks no matter what comes our way.

Just know that , God promised to be with us even until the ends of the world, so the next time life happens, get up and look up.


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When man closes doors in  your life, don’t get discouraged. thank God because, he has something better in store for your life. When man closes a door, God will open another  door. If the enemy tries to block  the door, remember what the word of God says. He said he would open up the windows of Heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that you should not have enough room to receive.

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On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead with all power in his hand. The same GOD that got up on the third day is still alive today. We serve the true and living GOD, let us not forget the true meaning of Palm Sunday. GOD  gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes would have eternal life.

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What is God’s purpose for you life?

Have you often asked yourself that question, what is it that God has planned and purposed for me. The word of God, lets us know, that he knew us, when we were yet in our mother’s womb. Nothing was made, that was not made by God, everything has a purpose, even the fowl of the air. How then, are we to find out what God, has for us to do, we first have to make Jesus our personal Savior, and the head of our life. Once we establish him as head of our lives, we then have to have a personal relationship with him.

By having a relationship with him. he will lead and guide us , in the direction that we should go. Everything that feels good, is not good, and everything that looks good, is not good. When we are put outside of our comfort zone, we often times feel as though, that something, or someone, is not for us. The word clearly states, that we are to lean not unto our own understanding, but in everything acknowledge him, and he will direct out paths.

In order for us to have purpose, we must have direction, we can not worry about what people want us to be.

People will deceive you, God will never leave nor forsake us. In the Bible Noah’s purpose was to build the Ark. No one else was given the assignment to build an Ark, it was God’s ordained purpose for Noah to build the Ark. Whatever God has purposed for your life, he will equip you with resources to achieve your purpose. God is not a God, that;’s slack, he can,and will sustain for this journey.

Another important element of our purpose is to have vision, without vision, we perish. We must seek God in all areas of our lives, no part of our lives, is to be lived without God. Direction vision, and guidance, will lead to purpose, and purpose leads to fulfillment, a life complete by Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our Faith, chose him today and live the purposed life he has ordained for you.


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Timing, God’s timing is not our timing, and our timing is not his. Whatever it is that you’ve been praying and waiting for, just know that God will deliver. God is not a man that he should lie. He is a promise keeper, wait I say upon the Lord.

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The good news, share the good news of Jesus Christ, Share the Gospel message of the Risen Savior. Share it with a family member, a friend, or a stranger. Remember God not only shared, but gave his only begotten Son, for you and I.

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The word, lets us know that God is love, and that love covers a multitude of sins. God made the ultimate sacrifice, when he gave his only begotten son, to bare the sins of the whole world. We in turn have become lovers of ourselves, and have forgotten the price that was paid, for our freedom from sin. Some of us have even fooled ourselves into thinking, that we can love God, and not love our neighbors, that is so far from the truth. God loved us in spite of our ways, we have to put aside malice and hate, and replace it with the love of God. True love that the world so desperately needs.

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